Jets football/Writing

Watched the first half of the Jets game!  Marky Mark looked good except he was under a lot of pressure.  That O-line needs to give him more time to look for a receiver.  Timmy didn’t look bad either.  A couple of nice runs, Hill didn’t help him any with that dropped catch.  Couldn’t been a better performance from both of them.  Defense looked pretty good in that first half.  Coples looks promising and I love Maybin’s aggressiveness.  And as I’m typing this, the Bengals just blocked a punt for a TD.  Go Jets!!  Not a bad half overall for a first game.  Would like to see more from the offense tho.

Started writing the third scene for the secret project that Bald ( and I are working on.  Should hopefully be done with it by tomorrow night so I can work on the 5th scene.

Still gotta work more on my anthology story.  Excited to do it and I think it’s going to be different from anything else I’ve done so far, so I’m looking forward to it.

PS read the 8th volume of the Walking Dead…wow.  Intense.  Insane.  Dramatic.  Emotional.  Amazing.  Robert Kirkman is so brilliant on this and I’m interested to see what they do to translate it for the third season of the show.  It’s going to be pretty epic though.  Can’t wait!  Pbo ( and I are flipping out over it!  Good stuff for sure!

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