Greek Mythology story…

…is complete!  I finished my story in our WTE Comic Book Anthology Vol. 1!  I’m very excited about it and I think it’s a good compliment to the other three stories that are going to be in the book.  Some of the other stories have to be finalized, but that should be done within the next week and then it’s on to looking for artists!  The manga’s are (mostly) written, but we’re going to hold off on those for a bit, while we may try and have the comic book anthology ready for MegaCon 2013!!  Keep you updated.

We have two shorts and a web-series that are also on the verge of being completely written.  The web-series is completely written (the first 6 episodes), and the two shorts are written, we just need a little bit of buffering and then we’re off!  We’ve already started looking at options for casting, anybody who is interested let me know, and we’re going to shoot the two shorts first.  Should be a blast!!

Side notes:
The Jets offense looked awful again.
AVX #10 came ok…I thought it was ok.  Where’s Cable?!?!?!?!
I’ve started to read the Hobbit in anticipation of the movie!  Excited!
Watched the first episode of the Newsroom written by Aaron Sorkin.  Anybody who’s seen another Sorkin show, his writing really stands out, which to me, has positives and negatives.

That’s it for now!

Peace out!


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