Found an artist + a Jets win!

Found an artist + a Jets win!

So I officially found an artist for my Greek Mythology story in the WTE Anthology!  He is Ari Syahrazad, a fantastic artist out of Indonesia!  I’m excited to get the art in and I can’t wait until everybody gets to see the complete story!  My story for the manga is written, but we’re going to wait until the Anthology is completed before we work on production of the Manga.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

As far as the video/shorts that we plan on doing, we should start getting some traction on that very soon.  Now that we all (mostly) have our artist picked out and are working on our stories, we’re going to start focusing on the videos to hopefully have a good amount ready before MegaCon, where we hope to get a booth to promote both our anthology and our videos!  More to come soon!

The Jets looked good today!  Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, aka the Jets Offense, looked stellar!  The receivers showed up, the O-Line protected Sanchez, and the coaching staff surprised me with some pretty good play calling IMO.  As for the Jets D, they looked great too, but it was also that the Bills Offense looked horrible in that first half.  Week 2 against Pittsburgh, and we have a TOUGH 4-game stretch coming up.


Side notes:
*  I’m probably going to go 1-1 in my fantasy football leagues.  Got smoked by Baldman ( in the Crew league.
*  Pilot season starts tomorrow!!  Can’t wait for some of my favorite shows to start up again!!
*  New AvX on Wed.  Who dies?  Pretty sure I know…
*  That Metal Gear demo blew me away!
*  Where’s Cable??!?  I’m hoping he shows up in this weeks AvX!  He has to!!  The latest round of Marvel teasers may also be talking about him…
*  OOYL!!  (better then YOLO, and if you say it like Yoda, you’re a badass)

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