BSG Blood and Chrome and other notes!

YES! It’s going to be released as webisodes, then they will air on Syfy and released on DVD. Hopefully this isn’t the last BSG we get, BUT I’m excited to see it!

Other news:
~ Disney bought LucasFilms (Star Wars/Indiana Jones) and are already working on Episode 7. I’m excited about this and let me say hello to our new overlords at Disney, as their next conquest is world domination.
~ Bryan Singer is back to direct the new X-Men movie (release date July 18th, 2014 aka my 30th bday). Excited and curious if Cable may be involved! I’m pretty sure Bishop will be in their, but I’m wondering if they’ll throw in Cable too.
~ Obama won the election and is still the US President.
~ Working on my solo comic series, only two pages into it, but it’s a start. Very excited about it!
~ The new Walking Dead episode…wow. That is all I can really say about that. Amazingness all around.
~ Knicks are an impressive 3-0, but still a LONG way to go.
~ The Jets…*coughcough*

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