Hello world!  It’s been quite a busy couple of months for me working two jobs as I’ve been doing photography part-time for special events at Universal Studios’ Soundstage 33.  But my schedule has freed up and I’m ready to work!  Progress has been made in the meantime though.  Here’s what’s going down:
Of Gods and Men:  My 6-page comic will hopefully serve as the beginning to something I’m getting ready to put on Kickstarter.  I have a rough outline for the overall story, with a more detailed outline for the first story arc as well as a page-by-page breakdown for the first issue!  I’m going to begin scripting very soon!

The Crystal Wars:  The first issue of my manga is full scripted.  I’m just looking for an artist and then I will be good to go.  I’m really looking forward to this and might even try working on some character designs myself.

Secret Short Film:  Hopefully looking to start shooting in a month.  I just watched a table read with two of the possible actors and was happy with what I saw!  Excited to get rolling on this one and should be an excellent start to what we have planned!

Secret Web-Series:  Another project that we’re hoping to start next month!  Excited for the long-term prospects of it and it would be a good staple to what we want to do at WTE!

Comic Fantasy Project:  I have the origins as well as some story points to a fantasy comic I want to create.  Depending on how OGAM goes as well as the Crystal Wars, this will be the next project I work on.

Side Notes:
~ The newest episode of “Game of Thrones”….damn.  I hate/love you George R. R. Martin.  I’ve never seen anything so horrible in a TV show.  I’ve also never seen writing so daring as what Mr. Martin does.  Truly inspiring for someone like me.
~ The newest season of “Arrested Development”…I’m digging it.  It’s not the best AD out there, but it’s still better than most things on TV.
~ I hope the San Antonio Spurs beat the heat.  If this happens, I will name my second oldest son Manu (My first son’s name has already been chosen thanks to the Finals two years ago.  It will be Dirk)…although I have a feeling my fiancee will have a problem with it again.
~ The new Marvel MMO is live and free!  Get on there people!
~ Iron Man 3 was fantastic!  Kudos Shane Black as well as the wonderful cast of IM3!  RDJ is always great and special shout out to new cast additions Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce!
~ Jack is back!!  Can’t wait for the new installments of 24 next year!!
~ “The Last of Us” looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it!!

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