Hello all!

Been busy lately, but I’m still working on my comic and video projects!  Working on the next chapter of “Of Gods and Men”, still looking for an artist for my manga, and getting ready to shoot a small short film and web-series.  Along with those, I have something secret I’m working on that would help me a lot if it goes through!  I’ll keep you all updated on that!


Marvel Comics Previews for this week, courtesy of CBR.
All-New X-Men.Avengers.Cable & X-Force.Hunger.Iron Man.X-Factor.

IGN has the details of “The Hobbit” Extended Edition on Blu-Ray/DVD!  I love the LOTR Extended Editions, so I’m definitely looking forward to this!

Marvel Heroes MMO adds a new way to obtain Heroes quicker, easier and less expensive!  I haven’t been able to play the game too much, but as a Marvel addict, I have fun when I do play it.
Tomb Raider is getting a next-gen sequel!  I loved the newest game and I’m very excited to see what they do for the next game!

Saw “The Wolverine” last night and loved it!  It’s not perfect, but I think it’s exactly what we needed after the last movie!  Go see it!

A Fifth “Bourne” movie is in the works!  Jeremey Renner is set to reprise his role as Aaron Cross while it seems unlikely that Matt Damon will return.
Ender’s Game poster!  I’m still reading this book, but I will definitely be finished by the time it comes out!
Director Zach Snyder is meeting with legendary creator Frank Miller about the “Superman/Batman” movie.  This can only be good.
File this under ‘no duh!’  John Williams to return to the Star Wars franchise!  Yay!  Courtesy of IGN.
Thor 2 poster!
Tom Hiddleston reenacts Thor 2 with action figures!

When “24” returns next year, Chloe O’Brien will return with it!!  Huzzah!
Creator Mitch Hurwitz says “Arrested Development” will “definitely” return.  Huzzah!
Comic book “Chew” may get another shot on the small screen.  Courtesy of Newsarama.
DC TV Status updates.
A possible “Dexter” spinoff may be in the works following the final season airing on Showtime now.  I’d have to hear more info about it before I give a strong opinion, but I’d rather they not do a spinoff.  Courtesy of IGN.
Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving “Parks and Rec.” next season.  This makes me sad, but I’m interested to see what the show does.
More stills and video from Marvels’ “Agents of SHIELD“.  Check ’em out!
“Walking Dead” season 4 preview!

Also, Football is back.  Oh wells if it’s just the Dolphins (Bleh) and Cowboys (Blah).


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