182 Days away…

That’s how many days until MegaCon 2015 starts.  And since Wishful Thinking Entertainment will have a booth there, it’s time to crack that whip!  We had a WTE meeting last night that went very well, we’re all on the same page and know what needs to be done going forward to get us where we need to be for MegaCon.  We have some cool ideas about the booth and other possible swag.  Look for more info on that at a later date.

Progress is already being made. I started writing my next short story for the anthology.  My goal is to have it completely written by the end of the month.  It’s something that I think visually will catch the eye for most people, and I’m confident that I can write a strong story to support it.


  • The Jets stink.  Our schedule is brutal through the first 8 games, but getting shutout by the Chargers is embarrassing.  Now we play the Broncos and Patriots both in the span of 5 days.  It looks like I’ll be crying myself to sleep the Jets will do their best to put up a fight.
  • My fantasy team played like a boss last week.  Sorry, Pbo!
  • Can’t wait to watch Interstellar!!  It looks amazing!
  • Homeland came back with a fantastic premiere!  Loved it!

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