175 Days until MegaCon


Another WTE meeting last night.  More progress made, although nothing exciting.  Should have some better news in two weeks as we hit some deadlines.  Pbo’s story is the first one on the docket, so that’s the one we’re moving towards.

Because of the lackluster update, here’s a picture of a cute puppy.


  • My New York Jets lost again last week to the Broncos and are currently losing to the Patriots at halftime.  To be fair, they have looked good during both games but have been unable to take advantage of their opportunities.
  • My fantasy team killed it again last week!!  Sorry, Bald.  Although I don’t have favorable match ups this week, so I’m anticipating a tough one.
  • Read Axis #1-2 today as well as the Death of Wolverine #4.  It was an interesting start to the next big Marvel event, as well as an interesting end to Wolverine.
  • The Walking Dead had a very good premiere this past Sunday.  Carol is so BA!  Easily my favorite character on the show.
  • Captain America: Civil War was announced and RDJ has signed on for it!  Anyone who knows the comic story should be equally excited as I am!
  • Game of Thrones announced that Season 5 will have flashbacks.  If done right, it can be an interesting tool to add depth and backstory to the characters and the world of GoT.  And I have all the faith in the world in the producers of the show.

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