WTE Anthology is on track

I found the artist for my second story, Marcelo Salaza (http://msalaza.deviantart.com)!  He is a very good artist from Brazil and has already given me sketches and storyboards that have me very excited for what’s to come!  Keep an eye out for more info about the WTE Anthology vol. 1!

Here is a sketch of the main character for my story:
Art by Marcelo Salaza


Countdown to Megacon:  66 days and counting
Get your tickets today!

~ That Superbowl…what an ending and a horrible call.
~ Marvel’s Secret Wars is coming and I for one am looking forward to it.  I’m just hoping it doesn’t change my favorite character, Cable, too much.
~ Avengers and New Avengers ‘Time Runs Out’ stories have been very good so far!
~ Trailers for Avengers, Ant-Man, Fantastic Four and Jurassic World all look good to me (so far).  Still need to see more from Ant-Man and FF though.

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