Gods in Our Midst Review

Hey all, we got our first WTE comic review in!  Check out Florida Geek Scene’s review of “God’s in Our Midst” where they gave the comic an 8/10!  Read the review here.

And if you haven’t purchased “Gods in Our Midst” yet, go to our new store page here where you can pick up a copy.  Also, the shipping cost is much more reasonable than before!  Sounds like a win-win!


Game of Thrones has been phenomenal this year!  I can’t wait to see what the season finale has in store for us this Sunday!
~ I’m really digging Secret Wars so far!  It’s a very interesting world and it’s going to create an interesting landscape for the future of the Marvel Universe.
~ Just saw Snowpiercer the other day and I loved it!  I know some people didn’t like the ending, but I did.  Kudos to Chris Evans for the great acting and Director Bong Joon Ho for crafting a great movie.
~ Let’s go Golden State Warriors!  Down 2-1 but still not out.  Although if they don’t come out and win Game 4, they will be out.
~ Been watching Veep with the wife…hilarious!
Jurassic World comes out this Friday and I am highly looking forward to it!  It’s awesome to see just how far Chris Pratt has come.

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