OGAM #1 Sneak Peek

Hey, everyone!

With OGAM #1 getting closer and closer to being complete, I thought it might be good to release a sneak peek from the first page!  That way you guys can really see the beautiful work being put out by my artist, Leandro, and colorist, iANAR.

OGAM issue 1 page 1 SNEEK PEEK

I just received the colored version of page 15 from iANAR today.  It looks awesome!


  • 15 days until the return of Game of Thrones!  I’m so excited to see the new episodes.
  • 3 days until America’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, America!
  •  My Yankees are looking much better than I expected this year!  The baby bombers are killing it!  All Rise for the Judge!
  • Comic recommendation of the month:  Spencer & Locke.  Written by David Pepose (@Peposed)  with art by Jorge Santiago, Jr. (@JorgeSantiagoJr).  The fourth and final issue comes out in a few weeks, so if you can’t pick it up in your LCS make sure to pick it up at Comixology.  It’s a book that looks cute and fun on the outside, but is actually a very dark story (which I still find fun).  Check it out!
  • TV show recommendation of the month:  The Leftovers.  I adored this show that finished it’s third and final season a few weeks ago.  The writing was phenomenal, the acting was some of the best you’ll ever see and they had moments that would make you want to break down and cry.  Just…beautiful.
  • Movie recommendation of the month:  Aliens.  Yeah, I know it’s been out for about 30 years or so, but it’s still one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen and arguably the best horror movie ever.

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