OGAM #1 Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

OGAM - KS Cover Photo Thank you
A huge thank you to everyone who helped get “Of Gods and Men” #1 fully funded!  It really means a lot that so many people would support me in my endeavors!  I’m confident you’re all going to like the comic and hopefully it’s just the start of something big!

Stay tuned for updates!


Hey everyone, just over a week away until my Kickstarter is launched! Check out the variant cover by my artist Leandro Panganiban, and help support the campaign starting next Monday!
OGAM Variant Cover 1 colors

OGAM goes live in under 2 weeks!

Hi everyone!  Less than two weeks until my Kickstarter comic, Of Gods and Men, goes live.  I’m excited to share a first look at the cover as well as the teaser trailer (if you haven’t seen it already) to the project.  Keep your eyes open for the variant cover reveal in a few days!

Of Gods and Men %231 Cover colored

Of Gods and Men #1 Cover
Art/Inks:  Marcelo Salaza
Colors:  Ian Areola 

Of Gods and Men Kickstarter!

Hey, everybody!

Great news today as I’m announcing the upcoming launch of my Kickstarter for “Of Gods and Men” on July, 18th!

Over the next month I’m hoping to show some of the prizes to keep the sexy hype train running.

For now, enjoy a quick teaser I made…please excuse the mediocre After Effects video.

                                       Of Gods and Men Kickstarter Teaser